TAXI AYERBE, servicio de taxi para Ayerbe, Comarca Hoya de Huesca (Aragón - Spain). Transporte de viajeros hasta 8 plazas. Reino de los Mallos, Comarca Hoya de Huesca, Castillo de Loarre, Colegiata de Bolea, Loarre, Bolea, Santa Eulalia de Gállego, Biscarrués, Murillo de Gállego, Salinas de Jaca, Villalangua, La peña, Mallos de Riglos, Río Gállego, rafting, escalada, senderismo, naturaleza y setas, micología. Bodegas del Reino de los Mallos, catas y degustación de vino de la tierra, ribera del Gállego. Servicio estación intermodal de Huesca y aeropuertos de Huesca y Zaragoza.

T.+34 695 599 786‬


TAXI Service for Ayerbe and arround, 30 km from Huesca, Hoya de Huesca region, next to the main tourist attractions, cultural, gatronomics of the Ribera del Gallego caves. Halfway between Huesca and Jaca, through the port of Santa Barbara or San Juan de la Peña, an area steeped in history, landscape and culture but also sports great attractions.


Up to 8 seats

Our TAXI has great ability, if you need.


Access Steps

Provides access to the elderly or disabled.


Roller blinds

These curtains retractable, provide a sun protection.



Ensures a uniform temperature throughout the cabin.


Connecting 12v

For long trips, you can use multiple connections.


Wi-Fi 3G

From our smartphone, we can give you internet access (*as coverage).



The phone is no problem, eyes continue on the road.



Side airbag, ESP, ASR, safety fisrt.



Our car has low emissions new "Euro5" engines.

Our TAXI service

Although we are always at your disposal, you should consult our availabilities or book in advance if you have to be on time for an appointment to avoid inconvenience due to the overlap of some services.

Our taxi, is not a normal vehicle, it is one of the most secure and comfortable vans on the market, able to offer the same convenience and speed than any other car.

As for the price, we must live according to the official rate each year is the Ministry of Transport, counting the kilometers traveled and the waiting time of each service. The cost is the same whether we traveled to full load as if one person travels. Our taxi can accommodate 8 people, so you can share it to save the cost.

Regular servicies

Agreements and contracts with institutions:

Agreements and collaborations

We collaborate with leading insurance companies in the country:


Contact and location

Phone: +34 695 599 786

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Jasmin Fernandez Fama. Plaza Ramón y Cajal 34 - 22800 Ayerbe (Huesca) Aragón - Spain
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